Patented combination of concrete and stainless steel

The Betinoc protections are designed as such that they continue to protect. Through the years and in all circumstances. To that end, we developed our own patented system.

Protections that continue to protect

Skirting boards and walls in industrial buildings, clean rooms or hospitals often have to endure quite a lot. The impact of forklifts, food carts, pallet trucks, etc. often causes damage. In critical environments such as the food industry, hygiene is automatically compromised. 

Betinoc counters this danger in an ingenious way: with the combination of concrete and stainless steel. Together, these materials provide shockproof protection that stays hygienic at all times and prevents crumbling.


For the long-lasting adhesion of the concrete and the stainless steel, we developed a specific composition of different elements. Both materials are also physically anchored by curling the bottom and top of the stainless steel around the concrete skirting boards. 

What makes our impact-resistant skirting boards unique?

  • ng-lasting stainless steel protection in combination with a strong concrete core
  • HACCP compliant
  • 10-year warranty on product and installation
  • Own production in Belgiu
  • 3 in 1: production, installation & advice

All-in projects with installation or product sale without installation

Betinoc is an advisor, manufacturer and exporter of impact-resistant and hygienic protections for the industrial market. This allows us to carry out all-in projects with installation but we sell our solutions just as well without installation. Both for new construction projects in the food, pharmaceutical or logistics industries and for the renovation of existing (hygienic) walls and skirting boards. 

Our product range