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Optimum protection and hygiene for various sectors

Impeccable hygiene and long-lasting protection are essential in sectors such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, logistics, but also in hospitals or bakery workshops. This knowledge is the starting point for the development of Betinoc’s shockproof solutions and collision protections.

Protection and HACCP in food processing companies

The impact of forklifts, food carts, pallet trucks, etc. often causes damage in production areas. In critical environments such as the food industry, hygiene is automatically compromised. With impact-resistant, hygienic, aesthetic and low-maintenance stainless steel skirting boards and safety posts, Hyprowall panels or polyethylene protective strips, we provide protection that continues to protect and that meets the most stringent hygienic quality requirements (HACCP).

Hygiene in the pharmaceutical sector, hospitals and labs

What do hospital rooms, laboratories and medicine production areas have in common? Right, hygiene is crucial! Failures in this field – for example due to an impact against the bottom of the wall – are not permissible. That is why Betinoc has developed a complete range that continues to ensure flawless hygiene in all circumstances and throughout the years.

Protection in logistics companies

Is hygiene of less importance but the risk of heavy impacts by forklifts omnipresent? Think of zones with intensive traffic in logistics companies. In such cases, we place L profiles in galvanised steel in front of the wall or wall panels. As they are filled with concrete, they provide extra protection. Impact-resistant posts and barriers in galvanized steel were also specifically developed for the logistics sector. Would you rather also meet the HACCP standards at the same time? Then go for collision protection in stainless steel.